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 12th October, 2017  We can't wait to visit Mourouk Ebony again!
We truly and deeply had a wonderful stay here in Paradise! Very polite staff!! Thanks
Saltger and Musch

 2nd September, 2017  Very nice hotel.
Had a warm Welcome and nice food
Mr Vashish Bhugoo

 10th August, 2017  Awesome staff.Memorable holidays!!!
Thanks Mourouk Ebony hotel and Team
Reena * Avinash Appadu

 14th February, 2016  Memorable
As from 15/02 till 19/02 me and my wife have spent an amazing times in Mourouk. A great thank for the chef with his great Food specially saut Boeuf and a great thanks to the staff which were a great help for us
Dr . Ramdany

 1st April, 2012  Thank you!
Thank you for your hospitality . The weather‚ the food and the service were great. The staff were warm and hospitable. Wishing you all continued success!
Maroe Ange

 1st January, 2012  Nice
We were very mucha t home at Mourouk Ebony hotel.. Friendly smile and we feel very welcome. Never too busy to assist us in anything we want.
Mr and Mrs Morowa

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