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Rodrigues Island

An island of savage beauty, which stretches over 18 km in length and 8 km in width, situated 600 km east of Mauritius.  There, time has stood still, its remote location ensuring a calmness « out of this world ».  She imposes her own rhythm, defeating restlessness.  She derives her charm from the extreme timidity of her inhabitants and their simple approach to life.  You will be overwhelmed by this kindness out of another era…

Enjoy a tropical holiday at the Mourouk Ebony Hotel and be pampered from the minute you step off the plane. The Mourouk Ebony Hotel is perfect for couples, families and friends.









Caught in the stillness of time, you may feel like Robinson Crusoe while treading the fine sandy beach at Ile aux Cocos or laid back at Trou d’Argent, a secluded creek.


An old pirates’ haven with their yet unrevealed treasures, according to legend, the island remains a dream land for hikers, from the lagoon to the hilltops.  However, the most valuable treasure could be its prevailing authenticity, peacefulness and quietness.


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